Surf Maroc’s 2018: Our highlights of an epic year

Tuesday 1st January 2019

As we decorated Amouage and got our outfits ready for our Neon Africa New Years Eve party, we started to reminisce about the past year we’ve had at Surf Maroc. For us, 2018 has been an exciting, full-on year that is setting us up for an even greater 2019! Here’s a little look at our highlights for 2018…

15 Year Anniversary

This year was Surf Maroc’s 15 year anniversary, and we celebrated big time! Every Thursday in November we hosted a different event at Amouage to mark this special occasion, which kicked off with our annual thrilling Halloween party, followed by a throwback photo exhibition showing how far Surf Maroc has come! We then had the amazing Gnawa musician, Mehdi Quamon and his band, plus a Big Souk evening to celebrate our Moroccan home. And finally, the biggest event of all, our 1970’s Palm Spring style Est.2003 Anniversary party. We had an absolute blast, and we thank all those who celebrated with us and made the 15 years incredible.

amouage surf maroc party

Est.2003 15 Year Anniversary Party

Taghazout Villa Renovations

For the past few months, we have been giving our original Surf Maroc location, Taghazout Villa, a big facelift! Not only have we freshened up the decor and upholstery, but we’ve also built more rooms and extended upwards for exciting things to come in 2019. We’re in the final phases of building and decorating, and we cannot wait to show you the final build and what we have in store! Watch this space!

Taghazout Villa - Surf Maroc

New rooms…and so much more!

Helping our environment

Our home is the Atlantic ocean, surrounded by a stunning coastline of beaches, dramatic cliffs, mountains and rivers. These all come together to make our little part of Morocco stunning. We have listened and stand with the global outcry to protect these beautiful landscapes from pollution. Whether that be from waste, plastics, litter or fuel, we are working hard to reduce our impact on the environment. In April we hosted an Earth Day celebration, which marked the start of Surf Maroc becoming a plastic-free company by eliminating all single-use plastics and bottled drinks from our locations. Guests can now enjoy safe filtered water at our locations, using reusable water bottles. We have also introduced reusable lunch boxes and making strides to use more locally grown organic produce in all of our meals.

We have many more plans for 2019 to increase our environmental and community actions to ensure our home is moving forward in a sustainable and positive direction.

waves mountains surf maroc

Our world of ocean, mountains and coastline that must be protected

Amouage shala sPECIALS!

This year we shook up the Amouage shala with a few special weeks. In June we welcomed back Matt Miller, founder of Broga, for our first Fitness Week. Our shala was transformed into mornings of fun music, laughter and very sweaty faces…not your average pre-surf warm up! Plus we had a special Thursday night disco Broga class to get everyone grooving before the BBQ. Later in the year, we also hosted a few Yoga Surf Immersion weeks – a Yoga and Surf package with exclusive yoga sessions and masterclasses. With different themes for every special week, everyone involved was able to get something special out of their week. We truly loved holding these special weeks…so much so we’re going to do more next year! Stay tuned…

We loved having Fitness Week with Broga to kick off our summer!

And Of Course, The Swell…

This year, Morocco has delivered. And it delivered big. Anchors has shown off its legendary status, Imsoune has brought never-ending lines, Killers has been barrelling like a dream, and locals have ripped up the secret spots. But that’s enough about all the swells you missed, we’ll just let these pictures do the talking. And can’t wait to see you at the line up in 2019!



waves - surf maroc anchor wave - surf maroc

Anchor Point swell alert sunday

killers sunset surf maroc