Thursday 1st June 2023

Make Life Skate Life and around a hundred volunteers built the Taghazout skatepark, in just 3 weeks, in 2017.

This project is a 100% volunteer-run, nonprofit organization working with skate communities around the world to create safe, accessible, free-of-charge skateparks. The association “Taghazout Skatepark” takes care of the life of the park and helps young people to practice, in particular, by lending them equipment and offering support.

Skate Park 2177

10 minutes walk from our beautiful Taghazout Villa, located on a hill with beautiful views & not far from the famous surf spot Anchor Point, the skatepark is a real hub for cultural exchange and creates true, organic friendships.

Today, meet Faiza, skateboarder, skate teacher, a proud member of the Surf Maroc staff, and owner of the very cool WHEELS n FINS brand that you can find in our SURF MAROC shop.

Faiza 6433

Surf Maroc: Hey Faiza! Could you please introduce yourself?

Faiza: My Name is Faiza, I am 30 yo and work for Surf Maroc as a Retail & Surf Hire Manager. Besides my work at Surf Maroc, I give skateboarding lessons to girls!

Surf Maroc:  When did you start skateboarding?

Faiza: I started skateboarding when I was 17 years old. Back then I met a kid who wanted to sell his skateboard. I bought it from him for a very cheap price. After that, I met so many people who introduced me to the skateboarding world. Since then, I kept on and never stopped until today. This little piece of wood introduced me to so many beautiful and supportive people, who helped me to push myself and learn new tricks. That’s the amazing thing about skateboarding. Wherever you are in the world, you can just go skateboarding, go to the skatepark, and you will meet a lot of people.

Faiza 1625

Surf Maroc: What are your thoughts on Taghazout Skatepark?

Faiza: It has brought a big change for sure. Now Taghazout is not only limited to surfing, you can skate as well! If the surfing conditions are not good, you can just go, grab a board and go surfing on concrete! People around are so lovely and motivated. Also, the view is breathtaking! You can enjoy the sunset and watch the locals shredding.

Surf Maroc: Which skateboards do you have for rent at the Surf Maroc shop?

Faiza: Now that people are not forced to stick to regular skateboards and do jumps or crazy tricks, there are different kinds of skateboards. You can choose a surf skate, which is closer to surfing and you can practice your tricks on the ground. Or a long skateboard is also perfect for cruising! All these boards are making skateboarding in general more accessible to people.

Surf Maroc: Do you have any advice to give to someone who would like to try skateboarding?

Faiza: My advice is that there are always ups and downs, and you should never give up when it’s down. It’s just a matter of time then it’s up again!

Surf Maroc: Thanks Faiza!

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Come and enjoy life with us!