Throwback Thursday: Exhibition to celebrate 15 Years

Saturday 10th November 2018

On Thursday we continued with our month of celebrations for Surf Maroc’s 15 year Anniversary. To compliment our Amouage BBQ night, we presented guests with a throwback exhibition to show the evolution of Surf Maroc.

The founders have had a great couple of weeks sifting through old photos in preparation of the exhibition. We’ve been hearing with lots of reminiscing and stories of the past! I’m sure we’re going to be sharing some of these with you soon, if they’re not too scary for delicate ears.

The photo exhibition opening in the Amouage dining room had a beautiful sunset backdrop and drinks to set the mood. We loved having the final selection on display and seeing guests take a look around our past. And we’re so glad to have the exhibition up for the rest of the month for all guests and visitors to see. And if you see any of the partners around maybe ask them for a story or two!

Check out photos of the opening night of the exhibition. And don’t forget to take a look yourself if you come by!


amouage surf maroc exhibition


amouage surf maroc exhibition

amouage surf maroc exhibition


You can come by Amouage for dinner, yoga, spa treatment or day pass and take a look at our photo exhibition downstairs!