Surf Maroc: Summer Adventures and Swell

Friday 4th August 2023

Surf Maroc Summer in Taghazout

The best way to improve your surfing and get to the next level is to summer surf as much as you can in the best conditions for your ability. The key is to make it as easy as possible to progress by catching and surfing as many waves as you can. The super consistent clean small summer surf that breaks up and down the beaches around our Taghazout surf zone during the summer months is the perfect way to make this progress happen. Sure, lines of perfect ground swell and the point breaks firing might be what we dream of but during the summer months when that doesn’t happen so often the small fun stuff is actually what a lot of us really need. Book up now for great deals available into September.

Transformative Yoga with Berny

Meet Berny, a yoga master from Costa Rica, with over 13 years of experience and wellness wisdom from 10 countries and 4 continents. He joined Surf maroc in June 2023 and has already made his mark delivering some of our best Yoga Surf Retreats in years. His in-depth knowledge and diverse range of yoga styles means that we can now offer what we believe is an exceptional program at Amouage with more classes on offer that suit all abilities. At Villa Mandala, the combination of Berny and the beautiful Ata, our highly experienced Moroccan teacher, has elevated the yoga experience to a whole new level. Book up now for some last-minute deals and embark on a transformative journey.

Berny - head yogi at Surf Maroc

Taghazout Villa: The Ultimate Summer Surf Accommodation in Morocco

You just need to check out the online reviews of Taghazout Villa to get a picture of what an incredible place it is and why everyone always wants to come back. The stunning location with its proximity to the beach and amazing views at the water’s edge is a big part of what has made it the defining high-end surf camp for thousands of guests since 2003. Add in some of the best services in the business from Hamada and his ace team and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. And now, we’ve taken it up a notch by converting Ben and Ollie’s luxurious offices into two epic bedrooms featuring stunning views, spacious bathrooms, and private balconies. They give the space and privacy lots of us like whilst still being part of Villa’s unique fun and social environment. Book your return trip or come and get a feel of this legendary place for the first time.

Taghazout Villa Summer surf vibes

New this Summer at Surf Maroc: Wing Foiling!

If you haven’t tried it yet this could be the best opportunity you’re gonna get. If you do it a bit already don’t worry about bringing your equipment; our wing foil expert, Alex, has you covered with top-notch gear and lessons for all skill levels. The Taghazout coastline offers the perfect spot to wing foil all year round, thanks to ideal swell and light wind conditions. Our surf program is indeed so full that on a lot of days, you can’t even think about another activity (!) but if you’d like to change it up a bit or try something you know when you’re here then this is a must- book ahead or add it during your stay!