Taghazout Villa Host: Your dream job….?

Saturday 1st September 2018

Surf Maroc is hiring for a Host for our beach chic Taghazout Villa – our oceanside surfer’s paradise. Are you a big surfer and love hospitality? Can you speak French &/or Arabic and fancy a life in the sunshine? Then being our next Taghazout Villa Host might be the dream job for you.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, friendly and sociable surfer who’s organised, committed and a hard-working team player. Being an experienced surfer is essential! The job is perfect for someone dreaming to live in Taghazout, Morocco’s surfing capital, and surf every day! We’re searching for a friendly front of house host who loves the surf lifestyle. They’ll be our Villa’s happy face as well as keeping everything calm and organised behind the scenes. You’ll be mingling with the guests, arranging meals, helping with bookings…you’ll never have the same day twice.

But to give you a little flavour, here’s what you can expect from a day working as a Taghazout Villa Host:

Morning: Breakfast Time!

Rise and shine! At the start of the day, you’re the guest’s number one person to make sure their morning runs smoothly and get them ready for their day. Firstly it’s breakfast time, so make sure the table is laid and the food’s ready for the guests to tuck into before they go surfing! Enjoy a little breakfast with them, and make sure you check over the day plan – you may have many guests on different packages/surf groups, so make sure that all looks right. Around 9am the guests leave with their guide for a day surfing, so make sure they’re in the right van, have their lunch packed and surf essentials, and send them off on their day!

Late Morning: Daily Duties

We have daily check-ins and check-outs.  After breakfast is a great time to familiarise yourself with the transfers happening that day, when you’re expecting arrivals and who’s checking out. Guests checking out need to square up their bill and be aware of their transfer details. For morning arrivals, check for any last-minute arrival updates and that everything’s set for their arrival! Once new guests arrive, check them in and welcome them to our lovely Taghazout Villa with a welcome chat and tour!

Post-breakfast is a good time to catch up on emails, clarify the housekeeping plans, make sure dinner numbers have been finalised and confirm transfer plans for tomorrow.

Afternoon: Surfs up!

Once your morning duties are done and everything is set, you can head out surfing! We’re walking distance from some of the best surf spots in Taghazout – so grab a board and get out there! We have boards and wetsuits available for staff, as well as storage to safely keep your own board nearby. So enjoy your afternoon and hit the waves!

Evening: Social dinner

Late afternoon you’ll be back to welcome the guests coming back from surfing. Have a good catch up with them about their day.  Make sure that any guest feedback/requests for the following day are quickly communicated with our logistics team so plans can change and guests have a great surf day tomorrow. Then it’s time to sit, chill and chat with the guests to settle in for a nice post-surf evening. At 6pm, the plan for the next day will emailed, so print this off and chat it through with the guests!

Then it’s time for dips and dinner! Host the evening by filling the dips, setting the table and help serve dinner to the guests, making sure special diets are attended to. Then chills and enjoy the delicious dinner and socialising with the guests! Once you’ve helped before cleared away, take it easy and have a nice evening at the villa!

So are you a bit of a social surfer? Does this sound like the dream job for you? Then check the job and apply here!

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Fancy this as your new office as Taghazout Villa Host?


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Surf our infamous spots by day…


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…and chill with awesome guests by night