Swell news: We want to tell you the rumours are true…

Sunday 26th May 2019

Google is great at telling you the swell in Morocco is great in winter and flat the rest of the year. They say it’s bigger and more consistent in winter, and it’s the time to come if you want to surf the best of Morocco. And we currently love those rumours, because it’s making our surf days great out here.

We’re really torn about telling you about our spring surf sessions. To be honest, we don’t want you all here crowding our waves and dampening the vibes!  Yea yea, you’ve heard all about the longboarding road trips to Imsouane. But try telling our local surfers that sticking in Taghazout is a bad idea over the last couple of months. And now with Ramadan, just ask our Graphic Designer, Olly, how much fun he’s having with some of the best solo sessions he’s had in his many years of Moroccan surfing. With the longer evenings and warmer water for shortie (and daredevil boardie) surfs, can it really get any better than this?

We just want to let you know that the photos below are a lie. They’re not really having fun or enjoying the spring swell. We recommend you listen to Google, ignore our special offers, and stay away.