The perfect longboarders day in Imsouane with Mad to Live!

Sunday 26th May 2019

If you ask most surfers around these parts their favourite surf spot, you will generally get two answers – Anchor Point (usually short-boarders) and Imsouane (for the long-boarders). Being the longest wave in North Africa, it’s year around waves become perfect for summertime shortie surfs with mellow waves that longboarders lap up.

Just check out the photos of the Mad to Live girls that took a trip during their latest retreat at Villa Mandala. We loved hopping on their trip 90 minutes down the beautiful coastal road to catch some waves. It was the perfect day that Imsouane loves to give – chilling on the beach, catching waves, and grabbing a fresh fish lunch on the habour. And catching more waves! Then on the way back, we stopped off at the sand dunes for some dune surfing and exploring – the perfect way to end a summers day!

The Perfect Day Out

So for any longboarders out there looking for great summer feels, here’s your perfect Mad To Live style day out:

9.00: Get a hearty breakfast down you, you’re going to need it

9.45: Hit the road to Imsouane along the coast

11.00: Get to beautiful Imsouane, whip on your wetsuits and get longboarding!

13.00: Grab a fresh fish lunch by at the harbour

15.00: Get wet again with another session!

17.00: Stop off at the sand dunes, grab a foamie, and surf down the steepest dune you can find!

19.00: Home in time for a shower and dinner at sunset

Postcards from Imsouane

See the photos below from the Mad to Live day out to Imsouane. And fancy a slice of the fun? Check out our summer special offers!