Surfrider & Surf Maroc: Reduce your environmental impact watching WSL!

Tuesday 7th January 2020

We can’t wait for the WSL to come to Taghazout later this month. But of course, we’re concerned by the environmental impact of the event. For this landmark occasion, we’re proud to be partnering with Surfrider Foundation Maroc to help ensure this competition has little effect on our home.

Beach Cleans

For over 6 months month now, Surf Maroc and Surfrider Foundation Maroc have been working together the help ensure our local beaches are clean and protected. The first Wednesday of every month, the troops from Surfrider along with dedicated Surf Maroc staff, guests and local community come together to a chosen nearby beach give it a hugggeee tidy up.

So, working alongside Surfrider, we are doing a series of Beach Cleans to ensure Anchors is as clear as possible before the masses arrive. The first Beach Clean is taking place on Wed 8th January, then on 22nd just before the event, as well as soon after to make sure any litter left is cleared. With these actions, we’re hoping we can spread awareness of how we need to look after our environment. Especially when these big events come to town!

If you are able to join us, please meet us on the 8th or 22nd January outside the Surf Maroc shop at 4.30 pm. We’d love to see you there!

Top Tips for eco-friendly spectators

Or are you coming to the WSL competition? Let’s hang! And whether you’re a spectator or surfer, we’re all responsible for looking after our beach. Here’s some tips on how you can reduce your environmental impact:

Reusable water bottles: Plastic bottle tops are the most popular item found on every beach clean. Instead of buying and using disposable plastic bottles, which inevitably end up in our ocean, bring a reusable water bottle. You can refill your bottle if staying at one of our locations, or at Mouja Cafe for just 10dhs (unlimited filling!).

Walk, not drive: Anchors is just a 2-minute drive from Taghazout. OR be kinder to the environment (and your health!) by taking a beautiful scenic 15-minute walk along the coast.

Take your litter away: Anchors sadly has limited bins (we’re working on it!). Therefore, be prepared to take your rubbish away with you and dispose of safely. That includes cigarette butts, which are extremely harmful and found on mass during beach cleans.

Ocean-friendly sunscreen: Fancy taking a dip between heats? Don’t blame you! But make sure you wear ocean-friendly sunscreen, like Badger Mineral Sunscreen. These mineral sunscreens work as effectively as all popular brands, but when wears off, will not cause damaging chemical impacts to the ocean habitat and marine life that can ingest it!

3 for the sea: You might have heard of the 3 for the sea campaign. When you visit the beach, pick up three pieces of litter. This applies here! As well as your own rubbish, take a few other bits you come across as well.

Don’t forget anything: Other favourite items found on beach clean-ups are flip flops, sunglasses and socks! It’s easy to to do, especially when moving around to find a better viewing spot! But be a little mindful of your items when on the move!

The moral of the story – come and enjoy the show, but leave no trace!