WSL: Pro Taghazout Bay QS5000 So Far!

Wednesday 29th January 2020

For the past 5 days, Taghazout and the surrounding area have been abuzz with the WSL Pro Taghazout Bay competition. Beginning at Anza for days 1 -4, we’re thrilled that the swell has finally picked up so that it finally lands at Anchor Point for Day 5!

We’re loving the atmosphere and fun vibes in the area – the town is alive with pro-surfers, spectators, and (now) great waves! And today is shaping up to be a great day at Anchor Point with Kanoa Igarashi (video above) who ended last year number 6 in the world, as well as Nat Young who competed in heats this morning and moved forward. Coming up this afternoon Luca Mesinas, Alonso Correa and Frederico Morais

Watch the Pro Taghazout Bay live here:

live pro taghazout bay anchor point surf maroc

And here are some of the snaps from this morning…

pro taghazout bay surf maroc pro taghazout bay surf maroc pro taghazout bay surf maroc

Wanna see the action from the days before? You can see the WSL Highlight videos here:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

And he’s some of our photos from the first 4 days, taken by our in-house photographer Alex: