The Surf Maroc Store: Take a sneak peak…

Sunday 26th May 2019

As you drive down our new Taghazout road, you’ll see something big, new and shiny sitting above Taghazout Villa. The new Surf Maroc Store. It’s big glass doors have finally opened, unveiling a room of dreams for any surfer (and non-surfer!).

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, we’ve brought Taghazout it’s first official Rip Curl store, along with other top surf brands and our own Surf Maroc merch. We’ve got everything every sort of surfer needs including:

– Rip Curl wet suits, surf watches, grip decks and leashes
– FCS fins, leashes and deck grips
– Lost, Al Merrick, Pukkas and Fahd Surfboards
– Hurley clothes and hats
– Rip Curl swimsuits, clothes, caps, bags, flip flops and more

Plus we have zinc, wax, sunglasses, a vintage boutique and giant straw hats. Isn’t it lucky we take card!

Have a sneak peak at the shop yourself below, and remember to keep some room in your suitcase when you next come to visit…we can get you here this May!

Surf Maroc store surf taghazout

Surf Maroc store surf taghazout

Surf Maroc store surf taghazout

Surf Surf Surf Maroc store surf taghazout