Summer Swell: See what you missed out on!

Saturday 24th August 2019

You heard us right, swell during the summer. Normally we’re pretty set up for mellow waves, but recently, we’ve had a flavour for the swells that are coming our way in the next few months. We’ve had overhead Anza, lefts off the peak at Anchors, some Boilers sessions, fun waves at Tamri, good Imsouane and more. Not too bad for the summer that has a bad reputation for flat water. 

Our surf photographer, Olly, has bee out there snapping away and capturing some of the best bits. Check out a video of him taking a break surfing a lefty at Anchors with our Surf Guide Yassine (Snoopy) as well as a few photos caught of other sweet summer waves!



banana beach surf maroc summer waves

Banana beach

Summer swell imsouane surf maroc

Imsouane – The Bay

Surf Maroc Summer Swell Imsouane

Imsouabe – Cathedrals

Anza Surf Maroc Summer Swell


Crocs Summer Swell Surf Maroc