Steffi’s Fitness Week: The yogi who came back with a bang!

Sunday 26th May 2019

On 4th May, we welcomed back our Surf Maroc Yogi, Steffi, to host a very special Surf Maroc Fitness Week. With a week planned of Mobility Fitness and Yin Yogav, we had high hopes for a fun week. But the response went above and beyond – with on average 30 people in every one of her classes…Steffi certainly came back with a bang!

Coming down from such a great week, we had a chat with Steffi about how the Fitness Week went for her…

So you’ve just finished Surf Maroc first Fitness Week of 2019 – how does it feel?

“I can’t believe our Fitness Week is already history! It feels like yesterday I was discussing the idea of me doing a Fitness Week at Amouage just weeks after I had arrived back home from Morocco. And now I’m home again – wow! It’s a week later and it feels like a dream. It was so good and every time look back it makes me smile! I’m full of gratitude for another wonderful Moroccan experience with Surf Maroc.”

After leaving Surf Maroc just a few months ago, how was it being back?

“I felt a mix of emotions coming back to Morocco and my Surf Maroc family, just 3 months after leaving from being a yoga teacher for over a year. It was unreal and so in the moment. It felt like coming home, no matter how much had happened or changed, everything was still so familiar.  I think that’s the beauty of Morocco and the vibe that lives within Surf Maroc. Every Surf Maroc guest knows that warm welcoming culture that makes instantly feels at home away from home. It was great to see so many old friends and to leave with new ones with new memories. Plus, of course, being back in the amazing Amouage Yoga Shala! It felt so good teaching there again – it was like I had never left. Definitely one of the most beautiful yoga studios in the world, and for me the perfect place to share my passion.”

And how did the Fitness Week go?

The week totally smashed any expectations I had beforehand! I loved making a plan to play with blending mobility fitness and yoga.  I just hoped guests would enjoy something a little different. But from the first morning I was blown away! I’m so grateful and impressed by all the 30 yogis who filled the shala at 7am…on holiday! In all my hours of teaching at Amouage, I had never had that many people for a sunrise class. Plus all 30 people returned and more in the evening for a second session, despite having a day of surfing! I was prepared for numbers to drop as the week went on, but everyone just kept coming back throughout the whole week. People, you were incredible!

What was your favourite Fitness Week moment?

All week I loved seeing people coming to every class with happy faces, willing to laugh and play with crazy poses like ‘flamingo squats’. So many funny moments, but the best part was the dynamic within the group that went beyond the yoga space. We grew together as a big group of friends – chatting about the Fitness Week experience over breakfast, surfing together during the day, hanging our post-surf and laughing by the pool. I would say that was definitely my highlight, that the whole Fitness Week brought people together, creating an amazing atmosphere and friendships in beautiful Amouage!

Sounds like you loved it! And what did the group think?

From the feedback I got throughout the week, I’m feeling really blessed. It seems I created a set up which perfectly suited the week, preparing everyone for the surf session and at the same time to cater them with right relaxing parts. Initially, I was nervous, as I understood some people were apprehensive about having some fitness classes instead of yoga. But it was great to hear they were so positively surprised about how yoga and mobility worked together, which meant I had the rewarding pleasure of seeing the crowd growing and connecting every day.

So, would you be back for another Fitness Week?

That’s a definite YES YES YES – I would love to do another one! I had the best week. From all the messages I received since I left, everyone who was there that week is still living on a high. It so didn’t feel like work, so thank you to everybody for making it feel so light! I can easily say we all had an amazing holiday with friends, and I can’t wait to see everyone again. Bring on the second edition!

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Surf Maroc Fitness Week Steffi

‘Fitness Week brought people together, creating an amazing atmosphere and friendships’

Surf Maroc Fitness Week Steffi

‘I can easily say we all had an amazing holiday with friends’

Surf Maroc Fitness Week Steffi

‘I’m so grateful and impressed by all the 30 yogis who filled the shala at 7am…on holiday!’

Surf Maroc Fitness Week Steffi

‘But everyone just kept coming back throughout the whole week – people, you were incredible!’