Sharing the waves with our Surf Coaching Special!

Monday 22nd July 2019

They say that sharing is caring. But generally, we don’t like to share waves. Forgive us, but there is nothing better than a good wave in an empty spot where you can catch (or miss) any wave you want without anyone dropping in on you, worrying about etiquette, or having the shame of being a complete kook. During the summer, that’s no different…when we see a good wave and can sneak a shortie wetsuit surf without anyone around, we are there. Especially as these waves are great for us to perfect our manoeuvres before bigger waves come!

But we want some good karma, and we want to see you out there with us getting up on the waves. Whether it’s your first time surfing, or you want to get out there to brush up on your skills, now is a great time to come by.  We have a team of experienced surf instructors who are ready and waiting to get everyone out on the waves. And all of them being locals, they know a thing or two about surfing in these parts. Then, you can come back and paddle out to the bigger waves when the swell comes along! What a plan.

Just check out the video above that’ll give you a flavour of surf coaching here in the summer. Fancy coming? You can and you will get 15% off! Just check out special offers.