Roof Top Parties

Thursday 21st July 2016

These hot summer days and nights definitely bring out the party spirit in Taghazout. The Surf Maroc staff are normally the main instigators of social activity in the village and they seem to be excelling themselves at the moment.  

The team felt that the week needed a lively start so a last minute seventies Soul Train Party was organised on the roof of the staff apartments for Monday night. It went  off in  style as ever with all the guests from Taghazout Villa joining in for a glitter filled roof top groove.  

Tons of sangria was consumed which seemed to have an unusual kick to it. Great for the night but it caused some serious casualties the next day!  The quiz night at Taghazout Villa on Tuesday might not have been quite as lively as usual. No doubt everyone will be back on form for Thursday’s BBQ night at  the Auberge.

It might seem relatively uncool to be excited about a new road being open but we have been waiting for it for so many years and it makes such a difference to the area that we can’t help mentioning it.


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