Oh la la! These summer days…

Saturday 18th June 2016

It’s so often that I hear about the “wave seasonâ€� in Taghazout or “Oh no, I won’t come during summer, there are no wavesâ€�.  

Well let me tell you, you’re missing out!

If you’re looking for some gnarly heavy surf, fair enough. However, for the rest of us mortals, summer is so much fun!

Just a few days ago, we scored empty Mysteries and the day after, a fun and warm surf at La Source. 3 days in row with shoulder high to head high waves. How many people out there? 4 of us! For those who don’t believe me check the shots (sorry for the quality I was in a hurry to paddle out!)!

We were in board shorts, the water was crystal clear and we were literally taking turns non-stop back and forth.

All the other days…? Well days like yesterday happen frequently which was 3 ft Devil’s Rock and very surfable on a short board. And the best thing is that every day is guaranteed “foamie-funâ€�, which is SO MUCH FUN! So nice to paddle out and see so many smiles and such a nice vibe!  

Because summer days, are about having fun, party waves, BBQs and amazing sunsets. Plus the sea looks so amazing it’s difficult to resist a dip anytime of the day.

So what’s not to love?

Irene & SM Team

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