My perspective

Thursday 23rd June 2016

These hot days by the sea give you some time to think…

As we sit in this amazing villa toes in the sea, I can’t help but think how blessed I am.

As I chill with guests at the stairs watching the sunset, they very often ask me “Why Morocco? Well… why not?

I remember when I first came here on holiday, I came with all those prejudices they sometimes sell us on the media. But they could not be any more wrong!!

I just couldn’t get enough, so I went back home quit my office job, and drove my little van down to Tamraght. I can still remember my parents reaction! “A girl on her own, in Morocco!? (To be fair, they are now very much ok with me being here).

Days are slow but time passes so fast! When I look back, it’s been a year that I have been living in this amazing little village and I have no plans of leaving any time soon!

I have never felt so at home, people are really welcoming and love it when you try to speak Darija (local moroccan dialect), unlike  many countries in Europe  if you get it wrong, they’ll laugh with you and try to give you a hand!

Laid back and chilled, it’s slow paced life can be a bit frustrating at times, but you get into that rhythm and in the end you can’t do anything but love it. Just like the rides in the 7 people taxi!

Many ask  how safe I feel going home alone at night after work, or just in general how safe it is for a girl… Well, I honestly feel just as safe as at home, probably safer!

So I’ll warn you, Taghazout traps you, and why would it not? World class waves in every corner through the winter, foamy fun and solo sessions in the summer in crystal clear waters, BBQs, amazing sunsets, easygoing vibe, and 365 days of sun! No wonder everyone just keeps coming back 🙂

Sending you all a bit of Moroccan sunshine, I am off for a swim!


Irene & SM Team

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