The Perfect Balance: Caz the surfer, yogi and Villa Mandala Host

Friday 5th October 2018

When watching surfers ripping it at Anchor Point, you’ll see the water busy with surfers and locals battling for waves. Look a little deeper and you’ll almost certainly see our Villa Mandala host, Caz, amongst the lineup getting her fair share of waves! Although she’s a tough shortboarder in the water, in between surf sessions you’ll find her seeking yoga zen at Villa Mandala, as well as being our host there.

She’s clearly striking the perfect balance in her Moroccan life, and we wanted to find out more!


“I first started surfing in Lyme Regis, UK, because of my best friend – I always followed her! I was in my teens, and didn’t even like swimming then! But from that starting point, it’s been an amazing journey with many highs, lows, frustration, and rewards. I love surfing because it allows me to escape all my thoughts and detach from daily life. I also love the challenge and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. But by far the biggest thing it has taught me is patience!

I love seeing the rise in girls taking on surfing. If I could give advice to girls looking to start surfing, I’d say surfing is bloody frustrating, but the rewards can outweigh that 100 to 1! Be prepared to challenge yourself, especially your mind. Watch lots of surfing videos or watch people in the water. Make a friend that is much better at surfing than you and they’ll push you to go out in conditions you wouldn’t necessarily go surfing in. Be patient and persistent. But above all go out and have fun! We are not overnight pros or training to become the next Carissa Moore, so don’t take it too seriously. The more fun you have, the more you relax, the better you will surf – that’s what I find anyway! Be warned surfing becomes a way of life, you will end up dropping everything to go surfing!”

shortboard surfing surf maroc villa mandala

Caz ripping it!


“I fell into yoga working at Surf Maroc – with all the wonderful yoga instructors it was hard not to fall in love it. I have now developed the same love for yoga as I have for surfing (and that’s saying something!). Honestly, it helps my surfing no end – tried and tested! If I surf without having done 30 minutes of practice beforehand, I surf maybe 30% less efficiently. Yoga really does connect your mind and body, which is exactly what surfing does too! Post- surfing yoga is important for me too, and my favourite postures are any strong yin poses for shoulders and chest, and hips if I’ve had a mammoth session in the water – all the classic areas surfers need!

Working as Villa Mandala Host is just the cherry on the cake – I’m the luckiest person alive! I get to try so many different yoga styles, meet lots of teachers and discover different outlooks on yoga. I hope to do my yoga teacher training next year, and this job is really helping me move towards reaching my goal. I get to hang out, eat and do yoga with like-minded people. Sometimes I have to pinch myself!”


“I first came to Morocco on holiday about 10 years ago, then some years later I came back as a Surf Maroc guest on Surfing Guiding. Since becoming a surfer all my holidays revolved around surfing, hence why I first was attracted to Taghazout!

I love surfing in Morocco for its pure variety of waves. My favourite spot would, of course, be Anchor Point…if was empty and working! Otherwise, you’ll often find me at Mysteries, K11 and Desert Point. There are so many great surf spots here to choose from, but those are my top choices!

Taghazout is a special place, and not only for its huge attraction for all things surfing. The local people are great and the Taghazout culture interests me so much. I think we have much to learn from them in terms of outlooks on life and not needing the most expensive car/house to be truly happy.

I truly feel so lucky to be here in Morocco surrounded by like-minded people, doing a job that allows me to do what I love every day. This doesn’t happen with ease, everything comes with compromise, risk, and hard work. But I wouldn’t change it for the world! P.s. thanks Jess Wakely for making have my first surf lesson!


shortboard surfing surf maroc villa mandala

Loving the Moroccan life!

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