Get back to your human form at Mandala!

Wednesday 18th December 2019

All the way from here, it feels like a Christmas apocalypse has spread abroad. Jingles have seemingly infected minds. There’s an uncontrollable consumption of mince pies. Festive TV ads are causing emotional turmoil. Livers a being destroyed by mulled wine and endless Christmas Do’s. And then there’s New Years to end it all!

Never fear! Surf Maroc is ready with the absolute post-Christmas cure to get you back to your normal human form. An all mind, body and soul rejuvenating retreat at Villa Mandala to reset you back to your best self. This ultimate Yoga & Meditation healing break has just 3 simple ways:


The mind will be completely cleared of festive fuzz as soon as anyone enters the gates of Villa Mandala. Just by looking at it your mind starts to relax. A private space just for retreaters, with cosy bedrooms, large pool and ocean views…mental bliss. And to encourage this purification to deepen, yogis will be guiding a series of mind-clearing meditations to help the mental chatter quieten down.



Christmas and New Years can generate an emotional rollercoaster – one minute you’re happily eating mince pies, the next you’re panic buying Christmas presents. Then comes New Years where you’re waving goodbye to one year and getting ready for the next! It’s overwhelming! On this retreat that will all be released, relaxed and detoxified through daily yoga practice to release, mediate to calm, and daily surfing to elevate endorphins! So the emotional body can re-balance ready for the next decade.


Every single body is beautiful no matter what shape or size. But sometimes, after a little too much festive cheer, our physical body can sometimes take a little hit and needs= some TLC. With a week of daily yoga and surfing, bodies will be nicely rejuvenated with the beautiful shala and amazing ocean as your inspiration! Plus the Mandala chefs will be nourishing the body with delicious, hearty and nourishing meals that will make you feel all glowy again.


Is this exactly what you need? Then join us on 4th January at Mandala for a week, and leave completely rejuvenated for the new decade. Plus get 10% off your total stay if you book now!