Doing All The Good Things for Idiots for Good!

Saturday 8th June 2019

Since February this year, we launched our Yoga Community Classes at Amouage as part of our All The Good Things work! In that time we have raised money for Moroccan Animal Aid, Surf Rider Foundation Morocco, Agadir Children’s Orphanage, and most recently for Ramadan, Zero Hunger.

We’re delighted to announce that since the launch, we have raised nearly 5,000 dirhams in total! We’d like to thank all of the generous yogis who have attended and kindly donated to these amazing causes and for making a difference to our community!

This month, we have the pleasure of raising money for a cause that’s very close to our heart. If you’ve been to Amouage recently, you’d have likely been greeted with the smiling face of Sofiane. Not only is he our sweetest receptionist, he and his friends founded ‘Idiots for Good’ just over 2 years ago. When we caught up with Sofiane to hear more about the group, our hearts melted. Immediately, we promised him that Idiots for Good will be our next beneficiary group for the Community Class donations.

It all started with a simple, good idea: spreading peace, love, help, tolerance, and creativity” says Sofiane. “We gathered our group for the first time next to a mosque to plan our first idea, the “100 Covers for Winter” campaign. In the beginning, we were only seven people. Knowing we had less than 10 days to reach our goal and all the people who could help us do so, we made a video to reach more people faster. The results were unexpected. Our video went viral locally. Donations came in and more members joined us.” Although they didn’t quite reach their target, the campaign was still a huge success for a first effort. They were able to help 10 families in the community. However, it opened their eyes to more things.

“During this first campaign, we found out about a family in such unbelievable dire need. They were so poor, living in a dilapidated, unclean, and very unsafe house. The four family members didn’t have any money, jobs, food, clothes – there was not even a toilet in their house. Half of our group cried that day. We couldn’t leave without promising to help the family have a dignified life. This is how our second campaign spontaneously came about.”

“It wasn’t easy for us as beginning organisers and advocates. But we were so sure and believed in ourselves and God’s will, that we could do it. So we went for it. We began a cycle of work, struggles, tiring days, negotiating, gathering money and equipment, organizing transportation and plans. Plus we were promoting all our work on social media to get help from anyone eager to give it. All of this was one for one goal: to rebuild that house for one family.”

Sofiane and the Idiots for Good group incredibly began working on the house in the mountain town of Imouzzer at the start of Ramadan 2017. They faced challenges of transport, collecting materials, raising money, trekking up and down the mountain, sickness, fasting, working in the heat plus juggling the responsibilities of exams and work. But amazingly, by the end of Ramadan, they had completed 90% of the work. And just a couple of months later, the house was rebuilt, redecorated and refurbished. And this all by a group of people passionate to help others. You can see a video about their project here.

Since then they have rebuilt another house for a family under the poverty line. They also as continue to collect blankets, clothes, food and houseware for over 50 families. Now, they are preparing for their next house rebuilding project, their winter collection campaign, and setting up a new recycling project.

So why are they called Idiots for Good? “Well, we’ve been through funny, dumb, moments. In the beginning, people were calling us idiots because of our big decision, and the challenges that we were taking! So I proposed why not calling ourselves idiots, but also it will bring attention to the fact that we’re doing this for a good reason.”

We are so proud of Sofiane, and honoured to be helping Idiots for Good for this month and supporting them for their upcoming projects. Throughout this month, we will be sharing more about Sofiane and Idiots for Good across our channels. Would you like to help?

– Bring any blankets, clothes or kitchenware to Surf Maroc when you are next in town

– Come to our Community Class on Tuesdays, 10.30am and donate

– Go to Idiots for Good Facebook Group give them a like, send an encouraging message and spread the good word!

Thank you all again for your support for our good activities. And please, help our Sofiane and his Idiots for Good!


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Our brilliant Sofiane