Summer Starts Here: The Hot x Cool party to kick it off

Thursday 27th June 2019

According to the Summer Solstice, summer has officially begun. With the recent heatwaves, waves and beach fun, we’ve already felt the summer coming. But in true Surf Maroc style, we had to kick off the season with a party. And we did, with the Hot x Cool party last Thursday. We gave our regular Amouage BBQ night a mega makeover, with tequila, tacos, tattoos and more to get everyone in the mood to let loose! Just take a look at the highlights…

Our Amouage dining room was transformed into an art gallery with a skate exhibition

Clearly inspiring every one of all ages!

Durf maroc yassin sallame event amouage

Thanks to the amazing Yassin Sallame for sharing your amazing photos with us!

Getting everyone in the pool to cool off was easy, especially to get snapped by our underwater photobooth! From distorted faces…

Hot x Cool party amouage surf maroc


hot x cool party surf maroc amouage

and mermaids…we caught them all!

And once dried off, everyone gathered poolside for some tequilas and tuns with DJs Lily and Benoit

Amouage surf maroc tattoos

By 7pm, our tattooist, Luliana from Savage Ink, had a waiting list of people wanting to get inked with surfboards, lotus flowers, Berber symbols and more.

Amouage event surf maroc

Our summer taco bar ready for the dinner. We know that people went back for thirds, only to then find out churros were for dessert to tip them over the edge.

Summer surf maroc amouage

Sunsets, friends, food, beers – summer has really started!

Surf Maroc summer party event hot x cool

We then had the amazing 70’S surf rock sexy funk music by Saad Elbaraka from Casablanca

Surf maroc summer party

Who kept the dance floor full and funky for the whole night!