7 reasons our weekend is gonna be ammaaazzinnngg!

Wednesday 20th November 2019

We don’t like to brag, but we have a wicked weekend coming up. Actually that’s lies, it’s starting tonight. Wednesday’s the new Friday night right!? Whatever, here’s 7 reasons why we’re pretty stoked about our weekend…and a bit before.


We’re just gonna put this little image here of storm Sebastien over the Atlantic. We’re frothing at this thing of beauty.

surf maroc storm chart sebastian

2. The wave charts!

Yeaaa!! Because of old Sebbie heading our way, we have a swell that’s looking like a big slice of perfection. I mean just look at what we have coming up this week…yeeeewwww!!


3.  Getting rad surf photos

If it’s not on Instagram it didn’t really happen right? Step forward our in house photographer, Olly. He’s ready to catch us throwing 360’s, catching barrells and probably a few kook moments in between. Check out some of his snaps from the teaser waves we’ve had.

Surf Maroc swell winter

4. Roadtripping

With 20 odd spots in the area, and with the waves delivering, we’re not just sticking with Anchors. We’re jumping in with the Surf Guiding and finding the best spot from sunrise to sunset. With Draculas, Boilers, Desert Point and Killers to name just a few, we’re gonna be spoilt.

5. Sunset surfs

What’s better than a dawnie surf? A sunset surf! You’re broken and you tell yourself just one more wave. Yet you’re in until the last strip of light sinks under the horizon. And if there’s something Taghazout’s got, it’s pretty stunning sunsets (and sunset waves).

surf maroc sunset

6. Refuelling feasts

All this surfing deserves a bloody good refuel. So every night we’re tucking into a hearty buffet. And bring on the Thursday Amouage BBQ! Cannot wait for a smashing sausage, good tunes and a bucket of cold beers to crack open with stories of the swell.

food amouage surf maroc


7. Get the knots out!

Mate, come Sunday, backs and bodies are gonna be ruined. That’s why we have the Amouage spa, ready and waiting to get out those sore bits. Sign up for a deep tissue massage, then straight back out the next morning. See below, fresh as a daisy, post-massage.

surf maroc surfing


Wanna join us for a smashing week with some winter waves? Get yourself out here! Flights are dirt cheap too, so get booking now.