Wanna join us for a skate…down Taghazout’s new road?

Sunday 26th May 2019

‘Welcome to Taghazout. Please tightly clench and hold onto your seats as we drive through and try to avoid all the bumps and potholes’.


It has been two long years, but the wait is over. We have a brand new shiny black road going all the way through Taghazout. Finally the dust has settled, the diggers have disappeared and the holes are covered over. Plus we have a new fancy pavement lined with palm trees! So we can walk back from a session without fearing our boards will be smacked by passing cars.

Our road is literally like diving on air. Or as many of the staff at Surf Maroc are discovering…it’s the perfect road to skate down! The daily commute is now on four wheels and a deck, with a few stylish moves and tricks thrown in there. As you can see, we all couldn’t be happier…

So next time you come and see us, don’t forget your other board, and join the gang for test drive!