Why do we all love our ‘old mama’ Villa Mandala?

Sunday 26th May 2019

Villa Mandala, our hidden yoga retreat centre treasured away in neighbouring Aourir. Amongst Surf Maroc staff, the house is known as our magnificent, warm mama. An old villa that envelopes you into her cosy arms. Being the home to our Yoga Surf Retreats for nearly 10 years, we have a whole lot of love for Villa Mandala. While giving the Villa a little bit of a spruce before half term arrives, we took the time to capture her beauty in the sunshine and think about what makes our Villa Mandala and its area so special.

‘I love that it’s a ‘home from home’…’

Vicki – Partner and Founder of Yoga at Surf Maroc

I love the feeling as you step into Villa Mandala…like a warm motherly hug! Yes, she’s definitely a ‘wise old mama’
I love how the afternoon sunshine floods all the front rooms, like a bright light leopard skin print kissing the sofa and rugs…
I love the quote board that inspires over tea and homemade cake…
I love how my hungry tum is so perfectly satisfied with every colourful feast…
I love the sunrise and sunset from the Shala and its comforting smell of wood polish…
I love how yoga can be interspersed by the distant sound of a passing camel & donkey!
I love that it’s a ‘home from home’…

Narjis – Yoga Reservations Manager

On the rare occasions there’s no overlap of groups on Saturdays, I like the house on arrival night. When the tea candles are lit all around the pool, patio and living room, with the aroma of incense and dinner in the air. And most of all, the stillness and soothing feeling that permeates the whole space. You know this beautiful old lady (Villa Mandala is definitely a she) is expecting a new boisterous group that’s going to fill it with fun, laughs, tears, sweat, and overall happy memories. 

Villa Mandala Surf Maroc

‘…with bougainvillea petals swirling around on the terrace.’

Lily – Surf Maroc Partner

I love walking up to the Wednesday rural-souk next to Villa Mandala, buying a bag of crazy coloured popcorn, a straw hat and some strawberries. Wandering around the stalls listening to the man shout about cockroaches and mosquitos. I’ll go and see Housain lie about on the rugs, maybe have a tea in the tent at the top with the carrots. I smell all the herbs and spices, and maybe get a hunk of honeycomb if it’s after lunch. 

I also LOVE sunset at the Villa in high summer. When the air is so hot and the pool is so warm it’s like a big bathtub with bougainvillea petals swirling around on the terrace.

Natalie – Sales and Marketing Manager / Yoga Teacher

Everything simply glows at Villa Mandala. The sun rising over the mountains and setting on the ocean brings a warm glow to the Shala. The big white building with the contrasting bright flowers and plants surrounding it. The candles in the living room and dispersed throughout the house. The pool twinkling in the sun and moonlight.

But most of all, the people glow. The glowing faces after morning yoga, the smiles at delicious breakfast excited for the day ahead, sunshine on faces arriving back from surfing, cosy feels huddling together with warming tea, the laughter that fills the Villa with joy. Everything and everyone at Villa Mandala glows inside and out.

Villa Mandala Surf Maroc

‘Everything and everyone at Villa Mandala glows inside and out’

Michela – In-house photographer

I really like everything about Villa Mandala, from the photogenic to the touristic side. I love how it’s so green everywhere, with so many flowers and variety of plant all growing wild and free. I love that because of all of the beautiful details, like a big fireplace and comfy sofas, you really feel at home. I could stay for an hour in the corner close to the pool, gazing at the villa that’s like a dolls house, with bougainvillea in the back, iron tables and chairs painted on blue. 

The inside is amazing everywhere. When I have the chance to walk around all the rooms that are so full of detail. I get lost for 20 minutes trying to see everything! It’s all so clean and smells so good! I love the wall details in front of the big table and on the way to going upstairs – it’s the Morrocan touches that are so lovely. It’s just beautiful for me!

Pauline – Yoga Teacher

It’s pretty amazing to start the day with the first sunlights facing at the ocean. The Shala is beautifully located, on the top balcony of the Villa. It offers a deep overview of the ocean and waves. If it is a clear night and full moon you will see the immensity of the moon directly above the main surf point while practicing. The room gives you a really calm and special sense of awareness. Made of timber, it feels like a cosy safe space to drop in and allow yourself to float away for a couple of hours.

The Villa has this lovely Moroccan vibe where you can find many areas to escape and relax. Maybe a tasty mint tea seated on a comfy pillow couch. Probably tasting some tapas underneath the natural terrace. Or simply reading a book dipping your feet into the pool. The Villa gets you to slow down and enjoy the Moroccan atmosphere when not exploring or practicing surfing and yoga.

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Villa Mandala surf maroc

‘It’s so green everywhere, with so many flowers and variety of plant all growing wild’

Villa Mandala Surf Maroc

‘You know this beautiful old lady is expecting a new boisterous group that’s going to fill it with fun, laughs, tears, sweat, and overall happy memories.’