No bad surf days here! Our Surf Guide’s top tips for guaranteed great sessions

Friday 17th August 2018

It happens to the best of us, and can be the most frustrating thing that happens on a surf trip –  a bad surf day! Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s the conditions…whatever the reason, they can royally suck.

So we chatted with our Surf Guides to discover their cure for preventing and getting over bad surf days (and no, it’s not just having a beer at Amouage). Check out their foolproof tips to make sure your next surf trip is full of great surf days!

Before you head out

Before you even leave to go surfing, you can do a few small but easy things to help make sure your surf day is a great one!

Check the forecast – Have a look out the window, chat with your hosts and surf guide, and check out Surf Maroc forecast to see exactly what the tides, weather and waves are doing. It’ll help you manage your day, your kit list and your expectations.

Check your equipment – Are your fins tightly fitted? Have you packed your wax, zinc and water bottle? Check the little things that take no time, but are essential for a good surf.

Check yourself! – Make sure you’re feeling good before you head out. If you’re tired or injured, maybe take a rest morning or day instead of pushing yourself. Have a spa treatment, laze by the pool or go paddleboarding. If you’re really not feeling it, don’t go.

Choose Surf Guiding – We’re spoilt for choice with amazing surf spots in Morocco, and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming for surfers to find their perfect spot for their ability. And choosing the wrong one can start a bad surf day! Take the worry out by choosing the Surf Guiding package and let our experienced local surf guides find your best spot every day!


Choose surf guiding to avoid all stress!


When you’re at the spot

So you’re out and ready to go – and it’s so easy to whip on your wetsuit and get going! But take a few moments to get yourself ready for a great surf:

Check the spot – Is it the right spot for you? Listen to the surf guide’s advice, or your gut, to decide if you think it’s good for your surfing ability. There’s so many more spots to check out before deciding.

Get your equipment ready – Wax up, check the board and fins and make sure all is ready to roll.

Get yourself ready – Slap on some zinc and get warmed up to make sure your skin is protected and body is ready for surfing. Make sure you have some water and a small snack before you get in to make sure your energy is at its peak!

Listen to your Surf Guide – They know every spot like the back of their hand. Listen to their advice about how to get in, where the best positions are and how the waves work. This is key to making sure you have a safe and enjoyable surf.

Check everything before you head out


When you’re surfing

You’re ready to get in the water! You’ve done everything you can to have a great surf – now go for it and make sure you…

Relax! – You’re out in the water, now take it easy! There’s no need to rush or stress, enjoy being in the ocean and finding your bearings in the spot. It’s time to have fun.

Watch the waves – Watch for when swells are coming and where the waves are breaking to make sure you’re in the perfect place to catch the wave.

Stick to surf etiquette rules – Not abiding by surf etiquette rules can really cause you and others a bad surf day, as well as potentially causing dangerous situations.

Keep tuned in – Are you feeling good? Are the waves working for you? Be honest with yourself and the conditions to make sure you and the spot are on top form.

surf maroc surf guide

Keep an eye on the waves


You’ve been out there and hopefully had a great time on the waves! To make sure your next surf is just as good, do these few things to prevent future bad surf days.

Stretch – Cool down and stretch the muscles post surf to prevent injury and aches. Our daily yoga classes at Amouage are great for this!

Check your equipment – Make sure everything is ship shape after your surf to make sure everything is ready for the next session.

Rehydrate and refuel – You’ve just done a massive workout – make sure you’re hydrated and nourished so you can restore your body and energy.

Chat with the Surf Guide – Maybe you want some tips, or fancy another session? Have a talk with your Surf Guide who can give you some surf pointers and advice on where and when your next session should be,

Surf maroc surf guiding yoga

Stretch it out with yoga


Still got into a bad surf day?

Bad surf days can still happen despite all the preventative steps. But you can get out of the funk and don’t let it ruin the rest of your surf trip!

Take a break – Sometimes just getting out of the water is what you need. Take a breather, have some water, calm down and re-evaluate instead of trying to push on through. Sometimes a restart sorts it all out!

Change your board – Maybe you feel the board you picked isn’t quite right for you. Get advice from your Surf Guide about which board is best for your ability, and get it changed for another session.

Have a private coaching session – A private session may be just the ticket to help you out of the funk. Let a professional eye watch your surf and get one-on-one coaching and tips to take your surfing to the next level.

Be positive! – It’s sometimes the hardest thing to do! But try to remember you’re on holiday, sitting on the beautiful ocean, and that you’re at out there surfing! Take a minute to step back, appreciate the situation, and learn something from the challenging day you’ve had.

Take a break if you need one!


Choose the Surf Guiding or Surf Coaching for your next Surf Maroc surf trip to make sure you get to the best spots and waves every day – no bad surf days here!!