Your Fitness Weeks Survival Kit Sorted!

Sunday 26th May 2019

Feeling a little flabby after winter? Wait until you catch a glimpse of our Fitness Week instructors! And they’re ready to melt those muffin tops with their full-on weeks of fitness, surf and yoga. And you have 4 different weeks to choose from…so choose wisely!

But don’t fear, we have your survival kit covered for your Fitness Week. Just pack these essentials recommend by us and our amazing instructors, and you’ll walk away gleaming ad feeling amazing.

Water Bottle

So boring, but was is that magic liquid that will literally keep you alive and make or break your Fitness Week. Scientists, health experts and Google say that it keeps your hydrated, detoxifies the body, rejuvenates the skin, helps maintain weight and so much more. And lucky for you, our locations have filtered water fountains for you to fill up your water bottles at your leisure!

Workout & Yoga clothes

Summon your inner Mr Motivator and Jane Fonda and pull on your best work out get up. The snazzier the better in our opinion. And there’s no better advice than from Lulu Lemon Ambassador and Broga Founder, Matt Miller (your instructor in September’s Fitness Week!). The last thing I want when I train is to even think about what I am wearing.  Clothes should move with you so that you never have to spend a moment fighting or adjusting them. They should also wick and breathes for surviving a hot and humid location.” 

And for a little packing tip… “I am notorious for packing super light and washing my workout clothes in the sink at night and drying them on the balcony so they can be re-worn on the same trip!”


Although going home with red burns and weird strappy lines is like a badge of holiday honour, it’s just plain silly to not be safe with the sun. In May/June, our Moroccan sun gets hot and strong, and especially with a gentle summer breeze, getting beaten by the sun can be risky. So be sensible, pack your factor 30 at least and grab some zinc for the face when surfing!

Woolly Socks

You read that right – woolly socks for a hot Moroccan Fitness Week! But this is for our Steffi’s Mobility fitness classes” For the mobility classes we will crawl and rolling around the yoga space, so stepping off “my zone – my yoga mat” so make sure you bring comfortable clothes to move in, as well as some woollen socks or any kind of socks that would slide on the floor. We might have a few cloths to use, but socks are much more comfortable and efficient!”


Your Fitness Week instructors are cooking up some great sessions using a variety of locations – so trainers are a must! But maybe with the beach as your studio, you might want to rethink the footwear as Matt advises! “Normally I am one for strongly supported ankles for sure, but on a beach holiday, I want something that is not only light to pack but also will dry quickly after a beach workout and get wet up to the knees!  A stylish and durable bet for these is my new favourite brand No Bull.  You will own them for years, and even after punishing them relentlessly, they will still look good as new after a little mini tumble in the wash!”

Sweat towel

Have you ever done HIIT before? With the Moroccan heat…you’re going to get a little drippy. And James, our HIIT Fitness Week trainer, guarantees it. With James’ sessions combining his martial arts training with fitness training, as he says,you will develop your technique and be prepared to sweat! I will take you on a journey of self-exploration with an energetic playlist so you leave on a high every time. Catch the beat, take on the waves as you channel new found energy.’ So best pack yourself a little towel to bring to your classes!

…And introducing your instructors!

Fancy getting your survival kit together joining one of our Fitness Weeks? Meet our Instructors and check our their Special Weeks!


Steffi Fitness Weeks Surf Maroc

Fitness Week feat. Steffi – Mobility Fitness & Yin Release


James Fitness Week Surf Maroc

Fitness Week Feat. James – HIIT, Surf, Yoga


Fitness Week feat. Dylan from Broga – your instructor for June Broga Week!


Broga Fitness Week Surf Maroc

Fitness Week Feat Matt from Broga – join the Founder of Broga!