Beach Clean: Tidying Mysteries with Surf Rider Foundation!

Sunday 26th May 2019

Surf Maroc loves the ocean, and through our All The Good Things initiative, we do everything we can to help to protect our environment and encourage others to do so too! So yesterday we joined forces with Surfrider Foundation Maroc and a group of amazing volunteers for a beach clean of our favourite beaches and surf spots – Mysteries Beach.

Walking together as a team in the afternoon and gathering at the site, everyone saw the work that needed to be done. With a speech from Rkia about Surfrider Foundation’s work and the importance of protecting our coastline, the troops got going with the big task at hand…

Beach Clean Surf Maroc Taghazout

The team working hard at Mysteries Beach!

The Beach Clean in Numbers

25 people
2 boxes full of gloves & trash bags
6 bottles of antibacterial gel
1 box full of Surf Maroc t-shirts
1 hour picking up garbage
2 big trays of homemade brownies
2 iced tea containers

Weirdest Items Volunteers Collected

  • ‘Huge Fishing net – it was stuck in the rocks and I had to lift some to let it out. It was heavy and huge!’
  • ‘A lot of caps!’
  • ‘There are a lot of shoes…you don’t know how many shoes I found!’
  • ‘Intact flip-flop’
  • ‘The arm of a babydoll, creepy’
  • ‘Parts of a TV’
Beach Clean Surf Maroc Taghazout

50 bags full of weird rubbish!

Thoughts from the beach clean team

We are chuffed to bits with the number of people who came along to the clean-up and we cannot thank them enough for their hard work! Over well-deserved brownies and iced tea, everyone talked about how the experience impacted on them…

“People were very involved and motivated. We mobilised a lot of people. I hope it’s not a one-time thing. And people still support great initiatives like this one ” – David, from Surf Rider Foundation

“You are aware of the garbage already but when you actually collect it, it’s crazy, just doesn’t stop, there’s no end. We only went to one beach for one hour maybe and there is so much garbage that we collected…it’s very depressing” – Elli

“Very nice, I would say that I wish we did this on a regular basis. I talked about it with the girls too because, you know, it’s how we can make the world better. And we have to teach the others to not throw away the trash and to be mindful” – Renata

It was a nice evening and enjoyed the brownie! I realized I need to stop using plastic bottles..it’s ridiculous” – Jack

“It’s really good to see a group come together and do this. And also to have a different eye of the beach because I’m normally I’m looking into the water and I’m not really mindful about all of the trash. So definitely I’m going to have a different eye every time I’m going to the beach now” – Melissa

“It’s really fun to do it with other people. It makes you also realise how much trash there is on the beach. I mean, everyone knows it but you don’t really realise how much stuff there is actually. Especially all those tiny little pieces of plastic that you can’t really grab” – Thomas

It’s incredible what an hour fuelled with cake and iced tea can do to help the environment. We want to say a huge thank you Surf Rider Foundation, Surf Maroc staff and all the brilliant volunteers for taking the time to clean up one of our favourite local spots. We truly hope this is the first of many beach cleans!

Check out more about All The Good Things we do and how you can help support our local environment and community.


Volunteer Melissa finding babydoll arms!


Beach Clean Surf Maroc Taghazout

Host Hugo pulling his weight…as always!

Beach Clean Taghazout Surf Maroc

Mysteries beach getting a good tidy up!