Behind the Scenes: Our Amouage Chefs

Thursday 3rd May 2018

At Amouage we love our ‘family-style’ meals. For us, there’s nothing better than everyone gathered around the table, chatting about their day’s surfing and having fun tucking into delicious food. Our guests love indulging into our fresh, homemade and nutritious meals that even we can’t resist!

But to create this vibe, there’s a little magic that goes on behind the scenes, especially in our kitchen. Our talented chefs have been hidden away over hot stoves, working on refreshing and developing our Amouage menu to make sure it’s the best food in town. And in our opinion, we think we’ve got there.

Their main goal was to add more variety and make sure that everybody was catered for, including every special diet! Including vegan dips, homemade gluten-free bread and dairy-free cakes, they’ve excelled themselves to make sure every guest can get their fill.

While devouring a slice of freshly made gluten-free peanut, banana and chocolate bread, we had a little chat with the chefs making foodie dreams come true!


amouage chefs - surf maroc

Our amazing Amouage chefs

Head Chef Mohammed

– I started cooking when I was a kid. I remember being at school and the teacher was asking us what we want to be when we grow up, and I used to say I want to be a chef
– As a chef, all the dishes are my favourite! But I love to make a Moroccan dish (particularly beef tajine)
– The best thing about being a chef is when I see all the people happy with what I make, also about being responsible

Chef Ahmed – Second Chef

– I started cooking when I was young, my family used to go to the countryside to see my grandmother. As I used to help her a lot, and that’s why I fell in love with cooking
– Quinoa salad is my favourite dish to cook
– The best thing about being a chef is teamwork and responsibilities; being a chef allow me to discover many things like travelling the entire world just in the kitchen

Chef Youssef – Third Chef

– I started cooking when I was a kid with my mum as I used to help her a lot in the kitchen. Since then I fell in love with cooking and I love everything about it!
– My best dish to cook is the goat cheese, chicken and vegetable pasta
– My cooking is inspired by my mother
– The best thing about being a chef is that I take the responsibility to get everything organised and allowed me to be creative

Fancy trying the food for yourself? Book your holiday at Amouage here to indulge!


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Tuck in!