Taghazout was conquered

Thursday 4th August 2016

Beautifuly written article from the brother of our logistics manager, BenJ. Had to share!  



My brother conquered Taghazout. And vice versa.

My brother sort of lives by a version of the Veni Vidi Vici principle. Be it a very friendly and pacifist version of it.  He arrives somewhere new, takes a second to take it  all in, and then he makes it  his own. Unlike Julius Caesar, my brother’s conquests are very much  a mutual understanding. The place pretty much conquers him as well.  

When I visited him some time ago  I met his latest conquest, a little town called Taghazout. On first sight one would call this place a major clash between cultures. A small Moroccan village, drowned with  Western World surf and yoga enthusiasts. This didn’t exactly strike me as the textbook  example of a melting pot.

This  firsthand impression didn’t hold up for long. My brother strolled with me around the village, introducing me to  dozens of different characters. All with great stories transcending the banality of a first impression. My brother already knew all of them very well, and, boy did they know him. He  had always been the talkative type, but curious as to how he already knew half of the village,  I  asked him how he managed to do that. His answer  was  as simple as it was ingenious.  ‘I just started behaving as if I belong here. As if I’ve lived here forever and already know all these people’, he said. ‘And it actually works’ he added.

Over the course of the next days I walked the path my brother had paved very  well for me.  I began to appreciate the dynamics of this little town, the people in it and its surroundings. I figured something out. It’s not a textbook that a  village like this needs to be a melting pot. More than anything else, it  just  needs  people prepared to melt. People who come with a couple of blank pages instead of a textbook.  I’m glad my brother is one of those people.

Find him at  Surf Maroc  if you want.

Check his blog for more!  

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