SUP Surfing – get the tips to get going!

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) invokes the romantic image of a leisurely sunset gliding through the water with dolphins dancing by your side. That happens here, but we’re surfers at heart. When the swell is a little smaller, we do everything can to grab those waves – and getting on the SUP is the perfect little propellor into the waves.

As our Villa Mandala Host, Caz shows off and wave chaser, she’s always off and up on those waves during the summer. Her love of surfing radiates, and she definitely doesn’t let it die in the summer. As Caz says ‘ I love surfing because it allows me to escape all my thoughts and detach from daily life. I also love the challenge and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.’

SUP Surfing Surf Maroc surf

Caz Sup Suring like a pro at Devil’s Rock


She looks pretty cool out there paddle surfing for those waves…and here are some tips to get you up there too!

  1. Learn the surfing etiquette – the rules that apply to all surfers!  The line-up rules are for everyone who’s surfing the waves – whether that be with a surfboard, SUP or bodyboard. They’re there to make sure everyone is safe and having fun! Nothing gives SUP a worse name than people who paddle out and break these rules. This is the first and most important step!
  2. Learn how to paddle on flatwater first. Before trying to catch those waves, make sure you’re proficient at paddling, turning and stopping on a SUP on flat water. If a passing boat or little swell makes your legs jelly and tumbling off the board…maybe continue on those romantic sunset paddles for a little longer. Once your endurance has built up, hit those waves!
  3. Go out on a flat day.  When you’re ready to get SUP surfing, hold back until there’s a relatively flat day to try it for the first time. You’ll get the motion of the ocean without getting clobbered by head-high waves.
  4. Wear your leash! Remember a 12ft SUP board is heavier and bigger than regular surfboards. Letting one of those loose into the wild can really hurt someone else surfing or swimming. So make sure you have that leash to grab that big bad boy back quickly.
  5. Watch videos. Check out tips and instructional videos like this one that might be able to get you more prepared for the SUP Surf! 
  6. Find your own peak. When you’re ready to paddle out, find an area of the beach where there are no other surfers or swimmers. Stay out of the way to make sure you don’t hurt anyone or upset people trying to enjoy themselves. 
  7. Have an experienced surfer take you out. There are plenty of people on SUPs who surfed first and know the ropes. Go to your surf shop and ask if there’s anyone who can take you out or anyone who can do lessons. They’ll show you where to be when the waves come, how to paddle into them, how to get out through the waves and have lots of fun!
  8. Be prepared for the conditions. Everyone falls. Wipeouts are part of surfing. Wear appropriate clothing to accommodate your water temperatures. If it’s cold, make sure you have a wetsuit that will keep you warm.
  9. With joy comes responsibility. Not everyone gets to do this.  And it comes with a responsibility to protect the water. Please give respect to the ocean, the lakes, the rivers, wherever you paddle. If you see any litter when you’re paddling, toss it on your board and throw it away when you get back. Easy!
  10. Have a blast! With all these tips said and done, ultimately have a great time. As Caz says – “the more fun you have, the more you relax, the better you will surf – that’s what I find anyway!”

If you fancy coming out and trying some SUP or SUP Surfing? We have free SUP boards for all our guests to give it a whirl! Just book onto staying at any of our locations.