Summer Ending

Tuesday 30th August 2016


As we wave goodbye to the last few days of summer here in Morocco, Taghazout is starting to return to a slower pace of life with fewer cars, quieter beaches and a buzz of excitement for incoming September swells.

The local visitors that flock to the coast for the summer months are gradually replaced by an international younger crowd in search of waves.

With a promising swell in the horizon, we can feel the excitement in the air! We hope Storm Gaston will deliver the goods towards the end of the week and we will see Anchor Point back in the game and officially open ‘The Season’. Inshallah!

But with all this excitement, summer in Taghazout does leave behind one dark cloud… The litter!

We are blessed to live in an amazing area with waves, sun and crystal-clear waters pretty much all year round; but they can only stay this way if we work together to keep it this way. With this in mind, surf camps and local associations recently organised another gathering, this time to clean up local beauty spot Paradise Valley.

For those who are not familiar with Paradise Valley, it’s a 40-minute drive into the mountains from Taghazout. While it’s breathtaking spot with cliff jumping and natural pools, unfortunately, during the summer months, the amount of litter left behind is very worrying!

Once again, we gathered forces and, along with other local surf camps and associations, we headed to Paradise Valley, rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in!

We all met in Aourir with a surprisingly high attendance! Ten minibuses were patiently waiting for the young crowds who slowly but surely started to turn up.

We set off, and it was a very big convoy! We almost felt like big, important celebrities on the move! It was even featured on TV!  

Everything was really well managed and organised by Renée and Hicham; caps and t-shirts were handed out along with recycled rubbish bags. Each group was allocated a different area and we were even offered dates to eat to encourage new trees to grow when we threw the stones!

As usual, it was a very rewarding experience and we can’t wait to organise more of these! And remember… If you’re visiting this season, “Keep it clean, keep it Zouine!”

For more photos of the day click here!

All the best …

SM Team

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