Get wave ready with Indo Board exercises!

Friday 18th May 2018

Waves in May – you’ve heard it here! You can find waves in Morocco all year round, and summertime swells bring long mellow waves that are perfect for longboarding. And shortboarders don’t miss out too…last week we had guests playing on waves of over 1.5m at low tide!

But in between tides and big swells, you don’t just have to sit waiting. We have Indo Boards available at all of our locations ready for you to get ready for your next surf session! Check out some top exercises by our Taghazout Villa Hosts, Wafa and Ola.


This is a great exercise to get started with for improving your balance, posture and surfing stance. Simply stand on the board, find your balance with a wider stance and start rocking it from side to side ensuring your weight stays central and over the roller.

rocking - indo board - Surf Maroc

Ola rocking the Indo Board

Barrel Stance

This is perfect for improving your balance and strengthening your core as well as practicing your stance when riding the tubes!

Crouch into your typical barrel stance and hold, trying to keep the Indo roller still. Then come out of your barrel stance into your normal riding stance and repeat. It’s recommended to hold for 30 seconds and to make sure you do this switch too.

Try crouching lower than you normally would on a wave. This helps to loosen your joints and muscles beyond the norm so your body can get into the positions you require for your surfing easier.

indo board surf maroc tagahazout villa

Wafa in barrel stance and grabbing the rail!


This is a lovely longboard trick, and by practicing on the Indo Board you get to strengthen your heel-toe response meaning you can steer the board with more control while you walk along. You can practice this with the board turned so the deck is parallel with the roller, or just on the roller. But be aware, this is a riskier and more difficult set up so make sure you’re in an open space in case you fly off!

When ready, stand in place on one foot and when feeling steady, start crossing over the other! As the board won’t slide back under you as you walk like a longboard does, stay directly above your feet as you walk to keep your balance.

cross step - surf maroc - taghazout Villa

Cross step fun


Nose Ride/ Hang 10

The famous, classic longboard trick, this move will help you work on your knee and hip bend for when you’re dangling toes.

To start, slide one direction so that your foot is almost directly above the roller.  Next, take a bold step with the other foot and rotate 90 degrees so you are facing to the short side.  You might need to take a few little steps to get your toes all the way off the Indo Board.  If you can, lean back so you can centre your weight above the deck.

indo board surf maroc tagahazout villa

Practicing the hang 10!

Walking on the Indo Roller

This is a great exercise for increasing balance as well as foot flexibility and strength, which benefits all surfers. In addition, longboarders find this benefits their cross-stepping technique through increasing their stepping agility.

To get started, simply find your balance standing on the roller. Once steady, start walking the roller forward with control. After going forward for 30 seconds, re-establish your balance and then start walking backward (minding for any obstacles behind you!)

Rolling surfmaroc tagahzout villa indo baording

Rolling along…

Why not visit Taghazout Villa to practice on the Indo Board and surf the Moroccan waves this summer!

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