Really…what are the benefits of yoga for surfing?

Thursday 26th July 2018

Surfing and yoga are a huge part of Surf Maroc life. While recently talking about how to immerse yourself into surf and yoga, you can see how aligned the two activities are. They go together like sand and salt water! Both are unique but rely on having a clear mind, breath, strength, practice and awareness.

Although the connection between the two are clear, so many people ask us, what are the benefits of yoga for surfing? Professional surfers like Kelly Slater have used traditional yoga practices to enhance their surfing skills – but how did this work? Let’s shed some light for you…



Yoga is known for increasing a practitioners flexibility, through gently breathing and allowing muscles to relax and stretch to be more flexible. Surfers who increase their flexibility go on to find that they are able to manoeuvre better, reduce stiffness, have less injuries and find their bodies recover much quicker from an intense session! 


There’s no doubt in surfing you need strength. With paddling out, to move around the water, to quickly pop up, stay standing…even to fight against the waves when you fall and go under. Surfers are aware that their lower back, shoulders, arms and core are key, and yoga helps strengthen and recover these points. Through holding poses, staying aligned in moving flows and sometimes doing fast and intense routines, strength is built and can be focused on these core areas.


Find strength and flexibility in poses like cobra pose…just like just before you pop up!


Being mindful of our breath is a foundation of yoga, and practising this in class and through pranayama allows us to feel more connected to it. By building this connection, it will naturally transfer onto the board, allowing surfers to relax the mind, feel movements more and get energised.


A lot of yoga poses require balance and using your breath, focus and strength to achieve nicely balanced postures. Being able to master this in yoga allows surfers to improve their balance and focus when riding the waves, as well as being more flexible to comfortably ride the waves.


surf maroc - yoga for surfing

Let your yoga breathing elevate your surf skills. Use it to stay calm, steady your balance and land tricks!

Mental benefits

Yoga connects the mind with the body through movement and breath. This reduces stress, relaxes the body and allows us to be more present. And by practicing yoga, you will naturally transfer this to the waves. This mindset allows you to relax your surfing, let go of your day and focus on the activity in hand. And hopefully enjoy it more. Surely this will improve your surfing!


Ask any surfer and they will recommend adding yoga to your surf training routine! That’s why we love it!

Why not see the benefits of yoga for surfing for yourself? We have our Girls Surf Maroc or Yoga Surf Retreat packages with surf and yoga. Or order an unlimited yoga card to join our daily yoga classes at Amouage . Just ask when you book your holiday!